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Herbs, Spices Good for Dogs, Cats, Bad for Dogs, Cats – Uses, Dosage

In this article… 1. Introduction 2. General Cautions 3. Herbs and Spices for Dogs     3.1 Herbs and Spices that are Safe, Beneficial for Dogs     3.2 Herbs and Spices that are NOT Safe for Dogs 4. Herbs and Spices for Cats  5. General Guideline for Daily Herbal Intake 1.0 Introduction There are many herbs and spices that can …

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Dog, Cat Shampoo, Rinses – Natural, Organic, DIY

Despite the fact that a manufacturer may label and advertise a shampoo for dogs or cats as safe, all-natural or organic does not mean that the product is actually safe, organic or natural. While a product may contain one or more safe ingredients it may also include multiple toxic/carcinogenic ingredients. In addition it is important to note that many commercial flea …

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Dog, Cat Shampoo – Unsafe, Harmful Ingredients

Dogs are exposed to so many toxins and carcinogens these days. Every additional unsafe ingredient we expose our dogs to creates a heavier toxic load on our dog’s system.  Talking about unsafe ingredients in pet shampoo may seem trivial if you only bath your dog once in a blue-moon…but it is best to remember that you should look at toxic …

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Natural Dog Treats – Homemade Recipes

Commercially manufactured, highly processed dog kibble, cookies and treats can be full of poor nutrition, toxins and carcinogens. The manufacturer may promote their product as wholesome and (all) natural but the terms ‘wholesome’, ‘all-natural’ are not regulated – manufacturers can use the terms as liberally as they like. Many of these treats also contain sugar and other ingredients that are …

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Home Prepared Dog Food, Cat Food – Grain Free Nutritionally Complete

Many of the commercially made dry dog food (kibble) products and cat food products contain multiple toxins, carcinogens, allergens and ingredients that provide your dog with poor source nutrition. Switching your dog or cat from commercially made, highly processed dog kibble to homemade dog food can be of great benefit to your dog’s and cat’s overall health. Below are a …

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