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Tips For Traveling Safely With Pets

Tips for Traveling Safely With Pets, Dogs

By following a few simple tips for traveling with pets you can ensure that your short and extended trips with your dog are a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone… Co-Authored by Kendra Thorton Travel advocate, TV personality, PR business woman, and Karen Rosenfeld Dog Behaviorist, Canine Holistic Wellness – the Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer When our family goes on …

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Car Travel Safety for Dogs – Do’s and Dont’s

Travel Safety with Dogs Do's and Dont's

Car travel safety tips – do’s and dont’s for short and long-term safety… Front Seat, Back Seat – What’s Best? The back seat of a vehicle is safer place for your dog than the front seat.  The most serious hazards posed by the front seat are safety-bag deployment, front wind shield if you are forced to break suddenly, and if …

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First Aid Kit For Dogs and Cats – Natural, Holistic


Whether you are just enjoying time at home or traveling – when your dog or cat needs first aid, a well prepared all natural first aid kit can reduce stress, save you a trip to the veterinarian’s office and ensure fast relief for your pet. Be prepared for the inconveniences of summer – bug bites, ticks, hot spots, sun burns and …

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How to Crate Train Your Puppy, Dog – Tips for Success

A Guide to Crate Training Puppies and Dogs

Introduce and familiarize your puppy or dog to a crate the right way your dog will not fear or take a disliking to the crate. The crate will not be associated with anxiety and stress… Introducing, Familiarizing Your Dog with His/Her Crate  Encourage Your Dog to Explore the Crate On His/Her Own When first introducing your puppy or dog to …

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How to Choose a Good Omega-3 Fish Oil for Your Dog, Cat

How to Choose a Good Fish Oil for Dogs, Cats

Knowing how to chose a good omega-3 fish-oil for your dog and cat is critical as not all fish oil products are beneficial or safe. The pet industry leverages the ‘Omega factor’ to market pet food products and supplements. Omega-3 fatty acids are the body’s and brain’s natural anti-inflammatory – essential for overall health. Manufacturers know that the general public …

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