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AFFCO Certification of Dog and Cat Food

AFFCO Certification for Dog and Cat Food is Not A Guarantee of Quality or Good Nutrition…
I strongly recommend that concerned and loving Dog Owners never judge a dog or cat food product’s quality based on AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) guidelines and here is why…

Just because a dry or wet dog / cat food or treats are AAFCO approved, does not mean that the food:
  • Is free of toxins and carcinogens;
  • That the food is really nutritionally complete:
  • Will support your dog’s short and long-term health;
While AAFCO does include some US state and federal representatives, AAFCO it is NOT a federal or state run government organization…
  • Although AAFCO promotes themselves as a ‘governing’ body of the pet food industry – they are self-proclaimed
  • AAFCO is a partisan organization that is primarily made-up of people directly involved in the pet food manufacturing industry;
  • AAFCO’s true reason for existing is not to support the health of your dog, it exists to promote the pet food industry in its drive to produce the biggest possible margin of profit;
  • AAFCO is directly responsible for unclear labelling on pet food products including dry and wet dog food and treats;
  • AAFCO allows toxins and carcinogens into the food that they ‘approve’;AAFCO is responsible for the confusion around poor vs. good quality.

Take a look at the dog foods rated in this article to understand what you need to know and how AAFCO does not protect  your dog or cat

What is the bottom line? Buyer beware for the health of your dog and cat.

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