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About the Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer


My name is Karen Rosenfeld. I am an holistic diet nutrition health and wellness adviser for dogs and cats. I am an holistic behaviorist for dogs. I offer a wealth of real-time, real-life experience. 30 years working and living with dogs and cats.

Companion animals are my life, my work, my passion…

About My Pack

My own dog pack consists of eleven dogs, various breeds and ages, and my two rescued cats.
We share our outdoor space with bear, deer, fox, coyotes, wolves, birds ans small wild animals.
Many dogs in my pack arrived with severe behavior problems. Behavior problems caused by absence of supportive learning and socialization. Neglectful and abusive situations.
My beautiful Boxer cross Robbie is an example of how abuse can cause great psychological harm. Robbie is also an example of a dog’s ability and willingness to return to his real self – a beautiful loving soul.
Natural Wisdom.
My approach, a holistic approach, an intuitive approach…
Behavior, psychology, communication, diet, nutrition; physical, mental health and wellness.
Each of these vital elements linked.
My approach to working with dogs, cats and their people involve these vital elements .

You can read  more about my thoughts regarding:
Health and Wellness

Want to know more about me and my life’s work?

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My Client Services

Do you need support and guidance tailored to suit your needs? Individual support is available through my client services.

My Client Services are Available Worldwide

🇨🇷Costa Rica and other Central American Countries
🇦🇪United Arab Emirates
🇸🇪Sweden and other Scandinavian Countries
🇸🇬Singapore and other Countries in Asia

Consultations and Sessions

📧Email: karen@ottawavalleydogwhispererer.ca
📞Phone: 1-613-293-3707
📱FaceBook video or voice
📖Holistic Wellness eBooks custom designed to suit
🚶In-person Sessions only available in Ontario, Canada.

Holistic Wellness Services for Dogs and Cats

✔︎ Maintenance of Health
✔︎ Addressing Health Issues and Conditions
✔︎ Custom designed whole food diets, raw and cooked.
✔︎ Recommendations for commercial whole food diets.
✔︎ Recommendation and specification of species appropriate:
✔︎ Whole foods
✔︎ Treats
✔︎ Herbs
✔︎ Alternative medicines
✔︎ Supplemental foods
✔︎ Treatment and Remedy

Holistic Behaviorist Services for Dogs

✔︎ Obedience Training
✔︎ Behavior Modification
✔︎ Psychological Rehabilitation
✔︎ In-person Sessions
✔︎ Remote Sessions

Affiliations to Companies

I don’t sell food or supplements.
I am NOT aligned with any companies.
I prefer to select best solutions for my individual clients’ situation.

Rarely asked Questions and the Answer

🤔 Question – am I a veterinarian?
💁🏻 Answer – NO.
🤔 Question – what are my accreditation, certifications, degrees?
💁🏻 Answer – the answer is provided above.

Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer's Dog Pack
Out for a walk on my trails with some of the dogs in my own Dog Pack
Karen Rosenfeld Holistic Wellness for Dogs and Cats, Holistic Behaviorist for Dogs
Karen Rosenfeld, Holistic Wellness for Dogs and Cats, Holistic Behaviorist for Dogs