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About the Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer


Dogs are my life, my work, my passion…

I am a Holistic Dog Behaviorist and Holistic Diet Nutrition Wellness Adviser for dogs and cats.

A wealth of real-time, real-life experience. 30 years working and living with dogs and cats.

About My Pack
My own dog pack is comprised of eleven (11) dogs, various breeds and ages – all are rescues with the exception of the two smallest – a Chihuahua named ‘Carmen’ and a four-pound Pomeranian named ‘Jacob’. My dogs also share their home with my cats and my rabbits. Mine and my dogs outdoor living space – the yard, my meadows and trails, we share with bears, deer, fox, coyotes, wolves and the smaller indigenous inhabitants – the birds (from large wild turkeys to small songbirds) chipmunks, squirrels etc.

Many of the dogs in my pack arrived with severe behavior problems – a result of their past, having come from situations that at best completely lacked positive learning and socialization, and at worst  from  abusive and/or neglectful situations. My beautiful Boxer x Pit Bull, Robbie is an example of how abuse can cause great psychological harm, and how understanding, patience and insight can be deployed to return a dog back to his/her natural state of being.

About My Client Services
I provide a full range of services that include:
Diet, Nutrition and Wellness Advice and Plans for canines and felines.
Obedience Training for puppies and dogs.
Behavior Modification for puppies and dogs.
Psychological Rehabilitation for puppies and dogs.

Natural Wisdom

My approach, a holistic approach, an intuitive approach…

Behavior, Psychology, Communication, Diet, Nutrition, Physical / Mental Health and Wellness.
Each of these vital elements are interlinked, each affects the other. My approach to working with dogs and their people involves all of these vital elements .

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Health and Wellness here

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Frequently Asked Questions
Visit my main blog site – you can find lots of helpful information.

Rarely asked questions and answers…
Question – am I a veterinarian?
Answer – NO.

Question – what are my accreditations, certifications, degrees?
Answer – the answer is provided in the paragraphs above.

Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer's Dog Pack
Out for a walk on my trails with some of the dogs in my own Dog Pack