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About the Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer


Dogs are my life, my work, my passion…

I am a Holistic Dog Behaviorist and Holistic Diet Nutrition Wellness Adviser…

With a wealth of real-time, real-life experience living and working with dogs. For three decades I have worked with and shared my life with dogs. My own dog pack is comprised of eleven (11) dogs, various breeds and ages – all are rescues with the exception of the two smallest – a Chihuahua named ‘Carmen’ and a four-pound Pomeranian named ‘Jacob’. My dogs also share their home with my cats and my rabbits. Mine and my dogs outdoor living space – the yard, my meadows and trails, we share with bears, deer, fox, coyotes, wolves and the smaller indigenous inhabitants – the birds (from large wild turkeys to small songbirds) chipmunks, squirrels etc.

Many of the dogs in my pack arrived with severe behavior problems – a result of their past, having come from situations that at best completely lacked positive learning and socialization, and at worst  from  abusive and/or neglectful situations. My beautiful Boxer x Pit Bull, Robbie is an example of how abuse can cause great psychological harm, and how understanding, patience and insight can be deployed to return a dog back to his/her natural state of being.

I provide a full range of services including Obedience Training for puppies and dogs; canine Behavior Modification; canine Psychological Rehabilitation, specializing in assisting dogs that are experiencing extreme states of insecurity, anxiety and aggressive-reactive behavior; Diet, Nutrition and Wellness Advice and Plans for canines and felines…

Natural Wisdom

My approach, a holistic approach, an intuitive approach…

Behavior, Psychology, Communication, Diet, Nutrition, Physical / Mental Health and Wellness.
Each of these vital elements are interlinked, each affects the other. My approach to working with dogs and their people involves all of these vital elements .

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Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer's Dog Pack
Out for a walk on my trails with some of the dogs in my own Dog Pack