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Homemade Natural Bug Repellent for Dogs, Cats

All-Natural Bug Repellant balm recipe for dogs and cats

Make your own homemade natural bug repellent for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. This bug repellent is a balm you can make at home – made with coconut oil, essential oils or hydrosols using the recipe below… To Make the Insect Repellent Balm You Will Need… A small glass, china or porcelain container with a lid To avoid transfer of ... Read More »

Natural Sunscreen for Dogs, Homemade Sun Protection

Natural Sun Protection for Dogs

Did you know that dogs can get sun burned? Canine sun burns can be just as painful and damaging as sun burns experienced by us humans. So, does your dog need natural sunscreen and sun protection?  A simple homemade sun protection program offers the best protection against sunburn. Dogs that are most at risk for sun burn are… Dogs with ... Read More »

Harmful Ingredients in Sun Screen for Dogs

Harmful Ingredients in Sun Screen for Dogs

Most made-for pet sunscreens (lotions, oils and sprays) sold at pet stores, veterinarian offices and on-line contain harmful ingredients for dogs – these include toxins and carcinogens. When sun screen is applied to a dog’s skin and fur these harmful ingredients end-up entering a dog’s body in several ways… Absorbed into the blood stream through the skin Introduced to the ... Read More »

Tips For Traveling Safely With Pets

Tips for Traveling Safely With Pets, Dogs

By following a few simple tips for traveling with pets you can ensure that your short and extended trips with your dog are a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone… Co-Authored by Kendra Thorton Travel advocate, TV personality, PR business woman, and Karen Rosenfeld Dog Behaviorist, Canine Holistic Wellness – the Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer When our family goes on ... Read More »

Car Travel Safety for Dogs – Do’s and Dont’s

Travel Safety with Dogs Do's and Dont's

Car travel safety tips – do’s and dont’s for short and long-term safety… Front Seat, Back Seat – What’s Best? The back seat of a vehicle is safer place for your dog than the front seat.  The most serious hazards posed by the front seat are safety-bag deployment, front wind shield if you are forced to break suddenly, and if ... Read More »