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Euphrasia, Coconut Oil DIY Natural Treatment – Dog Cat Eye Infections

Euphrasia, Coconut Oil DIY Natural Treatment - Dog Cat Eye Infections

This natural DIY eye infection treatment for dogs and cats requires two simple ingredients – the herb euphrasia, also known as ‘eye bright’; and coconut oil. Euphrasia and coconut oil offer anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and minerals that help fight infection, sooth, nourish and protect the eye, and surrounding fur. Time to say ‘NO’ to conventional antibiotics, corticosteroids, and associated adverse …

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Golden Paste Recipe for Dogs and Cats

Golden Paste Recipe for Dogs and Cats

My golden paste recipe is simple to make, and offers many health benefits without the dangerous side effects of conventional drugs, such as Prednisone, and Metacam (meloxicam). Golden paste is an effective anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-carcinogenic – it is also rich in antioxidants. For more information about golden paste’s health benefits, you can read about the main ingredient …

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Dogs, Cats, Grapes (and Raisins) – What’s Safe, Not Safe, Cautions, Treatment

Dogs, Cats, Grapes (and Raisins) – What’s Safe, Not Safe, Cautions, Treatment

Dogs, cats, grapes and raisins – what’s safe, what’s not, the truth will surprise you.  Some grape products are safe, and even health supporting.  Other grape products can cause grape poisoning, and raisin poisoning – but it’s not actually the grape or raisin that causes the poisoning… It’s time for the truth – facts not fiction. Safe for your Dog …

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Himalayan Salt Soak for Dogs, Cats Paws, Skin – Soothe, Calm

Himalayan Salt Soak for Dogs, Cats Paws, Skin – Soothe, Calm

Himalayan salt soak (sole) can help soothe your dogs and cats sore, inflamed, irritated or infected paws and skin. Himalayan salt soaks are also calming. Also called ‘pink gold’, pink Himalayan salt is an organic ‘full spectrum’ salt with many health promoting properties, due to its mineral, element, and electrolyte-rich composition.  Himalayan salt contains 71% of all natural elements (electrolytes, …

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Bladder, Kidney Stones, Crystals in Dogs, Cats – Types, Diet, Treatment

Bladder Kidney Stones and CryBladder Kidney Stones and Crystals in Dogs, Cats - Types, Diet, Treatmentstals in Dogs, Cats

In this article… Threat Rating to the Health of Your Dog or Cat Common Signs, Symptoms of Bladder and Kidney Stones Bladder Crystals and Stones vs. Kidney Crystals and Stones Understanding Crystals and Stones by Type; Cause and Treatment – a Synopsis Understanding PH Levels Inflammatory Diets – Crystal and Stone Forming and Aggravating Prescription Dog and Cat Food for …

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