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Recent Posts

Dog Stress and Anxiety – How to Turn Bad Stress to Good

dog stress and anxiety, turn bad stress to good

Dog stress and anxiety – how to turn bad stress to good; learn how to enable ‘good stress’ response for the mental and physical well-being of your dog and yourself. First let’s talk about good stress vs. bad stress, and then we will talk about the major building blocks for enabling good stress response… Good Stress – Is There Such ... Read More »

Understanding the Psychology of Dogs – Learn the Basics

understanding the psychology of dogs - learn the basics

Understanding the psychology of dogs – learn the basics so you can understand the profound ways that we (humans) affect our dog’s mind and behaviour. I  invite you to step into a world of positive growth, for your dog, for yourself. What we get right. What we misinterpret. What we get completely wrong, and how to better understand and direct ... Read More »

Good Dog Food with Fish vs. Bad

Good Dog Food with Fish vs. Bad

Good dog food with fish vs. bad, do you know what makes fish or a fish by-product healthy, or unhealthy for your dog or cat? There are many pet foods and treats that contain fish – but not all of the fish used in these products is truly health supporting. Fish can offer many health benefits as a rich source ... Read More »

Farmed Fish in Dog Food and Cat Food

Farmed Fish in Dog Food and Cat Food

Farmed fish in dog food and cat food – a health threat, yes it certainly can be. Consuming farm raised fish or fish by-products can trigger health issues for your pet. While the adverse impact on health may not be immediate – in time, the toll on your pet’s health can be very serious, even more so when compounded with ... Read More »

Skunk Spray Removal Home Remedies for Dogs, Cats

Skunk Spray Home Remedies for dogs, cats

If your dog or cat has the unfortunate experience of being sprayed by a skunk, it is important to neutralize and remove the spray as quickly as possible – the longer the musk is on your dog (cat) the more complications can occur. Once the musk starts to dry it gets more difficult to eliminate the odor and the strong ... Read More »